Blackpool Attractions - South Pier

Blackpool South Pier - Sunset - Adrenaline Zone

Blackpool South Pier History

The South pier is the newest of Blackpool's 3 piers, it was built in 1893 using a new faster method of driving the support piles into the sand. This was the Worthington Screwpile system that used water jets to drive the piles in.

It was only 429 feet long but it was wide enough to have a bandstand a few shops an ice cream stall and a photo booth.

The South Pier today

Today the pier is a great mix of entertainment for all the family. From the enterance arcade with its big top roof, the traditional stalls, the candy floss and ice cream shops, the fortune teller, the great Laughing Donkey Family bar, then to the rides.

The Rides

South Pier - Skyscreamer

If you thought the Pleasure Beach was the only place to experiance rides think again. The South pier has a great mix of rides from the childrens roundabout and fruit shoot, the traditional Waltzers, the crazy mouse and then the real ultra white knuckle rides of the reverse bungee - Skyscreamer, and the sky coaster.

The Childrens Rides

The South pier has a good range of childrens rides and attractions. There is the roundabout swing that will have you wizzing round and round, then you could go on the little train that has even enticed Santa to ride during his holiday. There is a ride that shoots you up into the air and bounces you back down to earth like a yoyo or the traditional cars going round a track. There is even a giant inflatable slide and a fun house.

The Medium Rides

Blackpool South Pier Crazy Mouse

Here we start getting a bit more fun, you can go on the Hard Rock - a sort of sideways magic carpet. The storm chaser which is like a more intense waltzer on a slope. The traditional Waltzer were the operators actuall have to apply the breaks to stop you spinning out of control!!!! You could also try the Roller Bob, this is like a circular revolving ski jumping ride that will have your stomach in your throat. Then there is the old favorite the dogems. It you want a bit more adrenaline then try the Crazy Mouse, its a mouse roller coaster with a difference, the car spins!

The Ultra White Kuckle Rides

Blackpool - Skycoaster

Once you have worked up to it there are two real thrill rides to test your nerve!

You have the reverse bungee - the Skyscreamer, that firest up to 3 people up in the air to over 150km/h in under 2 seconds, thats 5G!!!!On top of that the seats rotate through 360 degrees while you are flying through the air. You can even get a DVD of your ride.

The Skycoaster - Here you get strapped into a sort of handgliding harness and are then hoisted over 100ft into the air above the South Pier. You then look far below at the small people on the pier and its up to you to pull the release if you can muster the nerve. the next thing you know you are falling, falling, then you swing out over the beach at 130km/h.