Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Pleasure Beach - Big Dipper

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the United Kingdom's most visited attraction! Pleasure Beach, Blackpool began in 1896. Today, there's plenty to do, with over 125 rides and attractions and spectacular shows. Take a thrilling ride on the Pepsi Max Big One, turn your world upside down and get ready to do it again on the Revolution or experience the classic twin tracked coaster the Grand National. It has rides for all the family, from the white nuckle rides of the Big One to Infusion to the familiy friendly Nickelodeon Land plus great shows, Blackpool Pleasure Beach has something for everyone.

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Roller Coasters

The Pleasure Beach has a ten rollercoasters from the newest addition of Infusion to the 1923 wooden coaster Big Dipper. The full list is Avalanche, Big Dipper, Grand National, Infusion, Irn-Bru Revolution, Pepsi Max Big One, Blue Flyer, Steeplechase, Wild Mouse, and Nickelodeon Streak.


Blackpool Pleasure Beach - Bobsleigh

The UK's only true bobsleigh ride. A unique roller coaster garanteed to thrill. Height restriction: 44"/112cm.

Big Dipper

A traditional wooden rollercoaster where World record rollercoaster marathon rider Richard Rodriguez rode the Big Dipper for an incredible three months non-stop day and night! Richard is trying to beat the record by riding The Pepsi Max Big One during the day and Big Dipper through the night starting July 2007. Height restriction: 46"/117cm.

Grand National

Grand National - Blackpool

Europe's first twin-track racing coaster was constructed in 1935 and remains one of the most popular wooden rollercoaster in the world. Technically it isnt actually a twin track it is actually a Moebius coaster. The two tracks are continuose forming a single circuit or 'Moebius Loop'. There are only three Moebius coasters in the word, these being Racer in Kennywood, Grand National in Pleasure Beach Blackpool, and MontaƱa Rusa in La Feria Chapultepec Magico.




The latest coaster to be built in the Blackpool Pleasure Beach. This is the only suspended looping coaster completely over water in the world. Five incredible loops and rolls, a looming lake glitters below, a deliciously wicked double line twist and awesome water effects all in one cool suspended looping coaster. Height restriction: 52"/132cm.


is Europe's first looping coaster with a 360-degree vertical loop. The trains pass through the loop twice during the course, once traveling forwards and again traveling backwards. It has a top speed of 45mph and riders pull 4G!!!

Pepsi Max Big One

Big One - Pepsi Max - Blackpool

This coaster is 235ft high and reaches speeds of over 85mph and riders sustain a max of 3.5G. The initial drop is an incredible 205ft! When Blackpool Pleasure Beach constructed the Pepsi Max Big One it was the tallest, fastest and steepest roller coaster in the world, it is now been beaten but is still UK's tallest, fastest roller coaster.

Nickelodeon Streak

This is a wonderful wooden coaster that gives you a velvety smooth ride as it takes you through steep drops, climbs and banked turns.


Steeplechase Rollercoaster - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

This is a unique rollercoaster that is really a very different ride. You sit inline on a hourse shaped car about 1.5 meters above the track with a small lap belt and a handle to hold. It has no sides and you feel very vunerable. It has three tracks to race against your friends. Pleasure Beach Blackpool is proud to have the only Steeplechase coaster in the world.

Wild Mouse

Not a ride for nervous people! This is a very scarey ride, it seems nice and tame when you look at it but once on it you realise that this is a very fast coaster that drops down incredibly steep slopes, bends so tight that it almost comes off the rails. It is one of only 3 remaining traditional wooden Wild Mouse rides in the world.

Blue Flyer

This should be your first coaster if you are a little scared. It is in the Nickelodeon Land area that is designed for children. It has no height restrictions but small children should be acompanied by an adult to provide a little support. It may be too small for some adults.

Noahs Ark

Blackpool Pleasure Beach has a great attraction above the entrance. Noahs Ark was built about 1921 and you can see the workings in the entrance building behind aome glass walls. It really is a great attraction. Its like a fun house with wobbly floors, strange mirrors, and the whole thing rocks.

Height Restrictions

Some of the rides in the Pleasure Beach have minimum height restrictions and Infusion and Bling have Maximum height restrictions.

Infusion has upper height restriction of 200cm. Bling has a maximum height of 195cm.

Minimum Heights

  • Go Karts - 150cm
  • Big One - Pepsi Max, Wild Mouse, Derby Racer, Ice Blast, Infusion, River Caves - 132cm
  • Steeple Chase, Revolution - 127cm
  • Super Bowl, Grand Prix, Bling, Swamp Buggies, Space Invader 2 - 122cm
  • Grand National, Big Dipper, Valhalla, Nickelodeon Streak, Trauma Towers - 117cm
  • Avalanche - 112cm
  • Mini Dodgems - 102cm
  • Gallopers - 92cm

Nickelodeon Land

Nickelodeon Land has been created from the Pleasure Beach´s Beaver Creek. It is 6 acres of fun for kids of all ages. It features 12 fabulous rides themed with your favourite Nickelodeon characters. It has been publicised that adults can go on all the rides to accompany their children.

The Rides:

  • Sponge Bob´s Splash Bash - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 120cm, 95cm when accompanied by an adult
  • Bikini Bottom Bus Tour - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 105cm, No height restriction when accompanied by an adult
  • The Krusty Krab Order Up - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 107cm, 92cm when accompanied by an adult
  • Diego´s Rainforest Rescue - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 120cm, No height restriction when accompanied by an adult
  • Fairy World Taxi Spin - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 120cm, No height restriction when accompanied by an adult
  • Avatar Airbender - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 120cm
  • Dora´s World Voyage - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 120cm, No height restriction when accompanied by an adult
  • Big Circus Bounce - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 90cm, No height restriction when accompanied by an adult
  • Backyardigans Pirate Treasure - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 102cm
  • Nickelodeon Streak - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: 117cm
  • Rugrats Lost River - HEIGHT REQUIREMENT: No Restriction

Pleasure Beach Blackpool Shows

For the 2018 season Blackpool Pleasure Beach has numerous shows for you to enjoy. Including adult only show with Ken Webster - licensed to hypnotise. The UK's most outrageous comedy hypnotist. New for 2018 is the amazing Dutch magician Christian Farla, he appeared on Britain's Got Talent and impressed the judges. He will be appearing with the Showgirls of Magic. Plus Hot Ice will be returning for the main summer season!