Blackpool Karting

Blackpool Go Karting

Blackpool has 2 main go karting tracks plus a small outdoor track the Pleasure Beach. The pleasure Beach track is purely a pay as you drive track. You pay a fee for a number of laps, simple as that. As for the two main karting tracks in Blackpool, they are both outdoor race tracks. They both offer various race formats, from a simple pay per lap, endurance races to grand prix events.

Karting 2000

Blackpool Outdoor Go Karting

Karting 2000 is relocateing between the South Pier and the Water park in 2010

Karting 2000 is located next to south pier in Blackpool, it is between the Sandcastle Water Park and the South Pier. The track is in excess of 300 meters long and provides great racing. the racing is further enhanced as you have to no only contend with other drivers but also the weather, have you ever driven on slick tyres in the rain!!!!!!! The track has been designed by driving professionals to challenge even the most experienced racers among you. Karting 2000 has 3 types of kart to accommodate all ages and abilities. If you don't want to race you can always watch from an undercover area. Should all this action get you appetite going then no problem as you can purchase a drink some sweets or even a hot snack. So go on give your self and maybe even the kids, if they have been good, an action packed time in modern go karts as you challenge them to a race.

Do the kids like to live life in the fast lane? Then take them down to Karting 2000, the home of Outlaw Racing, on Blackpool's South Shore, Blackpool's most action-packed attraction for the younger members of the family! They'll get the chance to drive modern go-karts around a safe and exciting track, while parents and friends can enjoy a drink at the cafe. All races are supervised by qualified staff, and a dedicated safety team are on call at all times.

Currently the track is open at limited times as the team are currently finishing the new facilities. The new track is great a real challenge, the facilities should be complete soon but the track is ready to race!


FormulaKart Track on Blackpool North Promenade

FormulaKart is a new karting track at the Northern end of Blackpool´s Golden Mile. It is located on the promenade below the cliffs just opposite Uncle Toms Cabin, just past Glyn Square. It is constructed in what was a boating pool, this gives it a great venue for the 750 meter track. It is sheltered from the worst of any wind but is close enough to hear the waves lapping up at the walls of the track at high tide. The circuit is 750 meters long and is between 9 and 10 meters wide making lots of opportunities for side by side racing, in fact you can even race 4 abreast down the main straight!!!

Blackpool FormulaKart Karting

As for the karts, well these are fast karts by anyone´s standards. They are Twin engined karts using TWO Honda GX160 Engines producing about 11 hp which might not sound much but a 50cc learner mororcycle is limited to about 4 hp and they have a lot more weight to them than these light weight karts. So as you can imagine the accelleration, cornering and brakeing is amazing. These Karts have a maximum speed of 60 mph and can get round the 750 meter track in 50 seconds! It these karts sound a little too fast then FormulaKart does have some junior karts suitable for ages 8+. These have a single Honda GX160 engine but still manage 50 mph and a lap time of 55 seconds. These Junior Karts can be speed limited if required.

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