Blackpool Zoo

Blackpool Zoo - NEW Sea Lion Enclosure

Sea Lions at Blackpool ZooBlackpool Zoo is home to over 1500 animals from the four corners of the world. The Zoo was built in 1972 on the former Blackpool Airport site. Blackpool used to have a Zoo in the Tower but in 1969 this closed down, Blackpool Council decided that it should have a zoological collection for the publics pleasure. At the time the zoo site was also considered for a horse racing track, a speedway, a Formula 1 circuit and even Euro Disney. Euro Disney was almost situated on the present Zoo site but pressure from local attractions persuaded the council to press on with a Zoo. Finally in July 1972 the Blackpool Zoo was opened to the public by Johnny Morris. At this time the Zoo had a small collection of animals consisting off: 2 Elephants, 3 Rhinos, 2 Giraffes, Sea Lions, Gorillas, Chimps, Orangutans, Lions and 2 giant tortoises. The original air traffic buildings became the home for the educational buildings and all the associated uses needed. It was designed as a 3 stage project for the 100 acre site but due to financial pressures it only ever used 32 acres of the site. After 15 years giraffes are back at the zoo. A new enclosure has been constructed and the giraffes have arrived.

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For 2010 Blackpool Zoo has invested £1,000,000 in enhancing the Zoo. There will be a new walk through path going through the wallabys enclosure. They have also refurbished the Sea Lion enclosure as you can see above. It looks great with huge glass panels and a seating area so you can watch the Sea Lions performing. They are very intelligent and can balance balls, jump through hoops and catch rings on their necks. Khaled the head trainer and his team work with the Sea Lions using positive re-enforcement to teach the Sea Lions new ´tricks´.

Zoo Talk Times

Around the zoo at various times keepers will give talks and even feed some of the animals. Details of the times are below, these times are subject to staff availability and weather. Please contact the venue for details.

Daily talks and feeds.
  • 11:30am - Penguins
  • 11:45am - Orangutan
  • 11:50am - Fun on the Farm
  • 12:00pm - Sea Lion Display
  • 12:30pm - Elephants
  • 2:00pm - Sea Lion Display
  • 2:10pm - Fun on the farm
  • 2:40pm - Big Cats
  • 3:00pm - Otters
    Weekends and Holidays
  • 11:00am - Birds of the World
  • 11:10am - Orangutan
  • 11:30am - Penguins
  • 11:50am - Fun on the Farm
  • 12:00pm - Sea Lion Display
  • 12:30pm - Elephants
  • 12:50pm - Creepy crawlies
  • 2:00pm - Sea Lion Display
  • 2:10pm - Fun on the farm
  • 2:40pm - Big Cats
  • 3:00pm - Otters
  • 3:15pm - Giraffes

Please note that talks are weather and staff permitting.
Delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances.

Today the Zoo is divided into a number of areas some are detailed below:


This is an open air dome with a mesh roof that houses 5 different types of monkeys, black necked swans, parrots, toucans and many more. In this part of the attraction you actually walt through the cage as it where. You can experience the animals face to face and really see them acting in a natural manner.

Gorilla Mountain

Gorilla in Blackpool

The award winning Gorilla mountain is not only the home to a group of 4 adult gorillas, Bukavu, Miliki, Njema and Kena. They enjoy the freedom of an island to roam around on in search of food hidden by the keepers.

Neighboring the gorillas are the wonderfully playful Orangutan family, Vicky, Cherie, Summer and Ramon the male. Watch them play with their toys and they may even pull funny faces at you if you are lucky.

On the 8th May 2010 the Gorrilla family got a little larger. With the arrival of a new baby, the mother is very protective at the moment.

Lemur Wood

Lemurs at play in the zoo

This is another opportunity within the zoo to walk with the animals. The ring tailed Lemurs must be the most photographed animals in the zoo. You can see them jump and play or even sunbathe, they just love to sit with their white tummies facing the sun. If you are lucky you may even see the keepers feed them.


Elephant and Reptile House

Blackpool Zoo Elephants

There are 4 elephants at the zoo, some of these elephants have been rescued from circuses around the world. Inside the elephant house you will also find the reptile collection. There is a vast variety of creatures to see from snakes, and spiders to stick insects. At certain times you can actually get to hold some of the creatures and listen to a lecture from one of the very informative keepers.



Children's Zoo

Katie meets a goat at the zoo

This is the chance the younger ones have been looking for! The younger visitors have the chance to meet and even feed some of the animals. You will see miniature donkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs, llama's and various chickens and wildfowl.

The Pride of Lions

Lions at the zoo

Blackpool Zoo now has a pride of 7 lions, 1 male , Wallace and females, Gillian, Rachel and Jasmine. In April, 2009, Gillian gave birth to Blackpool's first cubs in 25 years when Luna, Kimya and Nikita, all females, were born

Lions sleep a huge amount, anything up to 20 hrs a day. You can get just a few centimeters from the Lions, there is just a glass window to protect you from the pride!!! Do you dare take a closer look?


Otters at the zoo

Blackpool Zoo has a couple of Otters, in a island enclosure. They must be the most playful creatures on the planet. While listening, watching to the Otter Talk and feeding a small child dropped their shoe in the water. The Otter quickly ran and then swam to retrieve it. You can see the Otter holding it out to the keeper! The shoe was returned to the child a little damper.

Other Animals


With in the Zoo you will find many many different types of animal, birds, and reptiles. There is a large lake with beautiful flamingos, pelecans and other water foul.

More Fun at the Zoo

Along with all the fascinating animals you can also enjoy a ride on the miniature train. The train takes you round some of the Zoo through the woodland areas and past some of the animals.

You will also find 2 specially designed outdoor play areas for children. So while the adults have a well deserved break the children can let off a little energy.

Dinosaur Safari

Dinosaur Safari at Blackpool Zoo

The Dino Safari is a great addition to the Zoo attraction, it allows you to go millions of years back in time and see what it would have been like to see dinosaurs in the flesh as it were. You will come face to face with the mighty tyrannosaurus rex, see the amazing pterodactyls and view more than 30 others. During October evenings you can see the dinosaurs come to life in an amazing light and sound show.

Play Barn

This is a great indoor attraction for all the children. It is an exciting 3 storey play frame with an additional area for toddlers. Play Barn slides, ball park, walkways Play Barn at the zooThe main frame has 4 slides, ball pool, cannons, sensory area, walkways, and a minature walk of faith. It has a parent seating area and a snack bar. But its a snack bar with a difference! This snack bar offers an extensive healthy and nutritious menu, even the vending machines are filled with healthy options, but for those of you who want a little sugar kick cakes, biscuits and muffins are also for available.