Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower opened on 14th May 1894, with the aquarium existing as a stand a lone attraction from the late 1870's. The tower is 518ft 9inches tall, with the walk of faith at 380ft from street level. The Tower alone contains 2,493 tons of steel and 93 tons of cast iron. The building at the base contains 985 tons of steel and 259 tons of cast iron.

The Blackpool Tower attraction contains five seperate attractions within the Tower building. The attractions are The Tower Top, The Tower Ballroom, The Tower Circus, Jungle Jims, The Blackpool Dungeon.

Book tickets early to avoid dissapointment as the Tower Circus is very popular and tickets sell out fast on popular days. The earlier you book the closer to the ring you get.

You can buy combined discounted attraction tickets covering up to 7 of Blackpool´s attractions. These include The Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Jungle Jim´s Indoor Playground in Blackpool Tower, Madam Tussauds Blackpool, and the Blackpool Sea Life Centre tickets are valid for 3 months.

Blackpool Tower Top / Blackpool Eye

Blackpool Tower Top Walk of Faith

The Tower has a viewing platform at 380ft above the promenade and is reached by a lift or if you are a maintanance worker by 536 steps!

Not for the feint hearted is the Sky Walk, two inch clear panels that look straight down to the Promenade below. It provides an uninterupted view of the Blackpool's piers and out to sea.

2011 Merlin Entertainment in partnership with Blackpool Council undertook a massive refurbishment program. This involved an amazing glass front to the observation platform looking out over the Irish Sea, a complete refurbishment and long term exterior paint coating and structural repairs, a 4D cinema, an amazing illuminated tower top, and a brand new Dungeon attraction.

To reach the top viewing platform at approximately 450ft you can walk up 2 flights of stairs.

The Tower Ballroom

Blackpool Tower Ballroom

The present Ballroom was designed by Frank Matcham and opened in 1899. The Ballroom floor measures 120ft by 102ft. It comprises 30,602 separate blocks of mahogany, oak and walnut. The first Wurlitzer organ was installed in the Ballroom in 1929. It was replaced in 1935 with one to Reginald Dixon's specification. The first organ went to the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens.
During the day visit the Ballroom to hear one of the famous organs being played. The Tower Ballroom is the traditional home of the mighty Wurlitzer Organ which rises up through the stage and complemented by the 3 Deck Wersi - the world's most advanced organ of it's time, Blackpool Tower Ballroom - The Wurlitzer Organ, it includes over 600 sounds in the software, is touch screen sensitive and can create the sound of a complete orchestra.

The Tower Circus

Blackpool Tower Circus

Each season the production changes with new acts and costumes. It is produced and directed by Laci Endresz Senior, and sees a spectacular line-up of circus artistes from across the World, with Mooky the Clown and Mr Boo on-hand with their hilarious and mischievous comedy capers all under the watchful eye of popular Ringmaster, with live music from the Circus Show Band.

Laci Endresz Senior searches every continent and has brought an array of international performers to the award winning Tower Circus including, China's Flying Spiders, From the Czech Republic the Faltyny Family add harlequin colour and choreography to an act of balancing and juggling. Elizabeth Axt on the Washington Trapeze does things with rings upside down that most of us cant manage upright, Brazilian contortionist Sapo probably arrived in his suitcase judging by the way he bends and shapes his body. Emil Jnr from Prague added a touch of punk to an unsupported ladder and metal cube act before the Vavilov Acrobatic Troupe from Moscow combine energy and athleticism for an impresively powerful act. The variety of acts is truly stunning no matter how many times you have been before you will be amazed.

The finale will surprise you but I wont spoil it here, you will have to visit to see!!!

Jungle Jims Towering Adventureland

Jungle Jims Adventure Playground at Blackpool Tower

One of Europe's largest indoor adventure playground's, Jungle Jims, sits within the Blackpool Tower legs. So while your here let your little monkeys run off steam in our huge Jungle fun zone. As the Inca Gods stand proud guarding the gateway of the ‘Lost City’ the view takes in medieval wattle and dawb, the three party boats including the huge solid wood benches in the ships which will cater for the finest of children’s parties, the attention to detail is amazing for an attraction of this size.


The Tower top has been transformed into a 4D cinema observation experience. The former Aquarium is being completely redesigned to create The Blackpool Tower Dungeon. The dungeon will allow you, if you dare, to visit the towns most blood curdling history. It has a scarey ride, a show, special effects and have live actors! Will you be brave enough to enter the Blackpool Tower Dungeon?