STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION is Blackpool´s newest must-see attraction, and it is open year-round on the promenade.
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of sci-fi classic Star Trek a brand new exhibition is open in Blackpool. It is located along the promenade in the Golden Mile between Central Pier and the Sea Life Centre. The exhibition displays a host of props, sets and artefacts from the ever popular, long running space saga. Star trek fans and families are able to see costumes from the six TV series and the 13 films. People will even be able to go on a replica of the original bridge of the starship Enterprise and sit in Captain Kirk´s chair. Photos are allowed, so you can have your photo taken with scotty (member of staff in costume) at the helm and you in Captain Kirks chair! The exibition also contains lots of video images from the Star Trek movies and TV shows. It contains time lines from the Original TV series through all the movies and newer generations of TV shows. There are original scripts, props like tri corders and phasers, a replica landing ship with crew signatures, lots of amazing original costumes, and some large props that you can see first hand.

The ehibition is wheel chair accessible. It has a great souvenir and memorabilia shop at the end. This covers a great range from replica costumes, airfix Enterprise kits, to DVD's and much much more. Coffee and snack are also available.
No matter if you are a die hard Star Trek fan or just have fond childhood memories of the TV series, this exhibition is an amazing opportunity to see such a great collection of Star Trek memorabilia.

The Exhibition

Star Trek - The BrigdeDesigned by the stage designer Andrew Edwards, The Exhibition is an experience for fans and families to visit, as it takes audiences on a journey through Star Trek's 50-year history with original props, costumes, scripts and photographs that have never previously been seen in Europe, many from private collectors, as well as the opportunity to step aboard a spectacular recreation of the iconic bridge from The Original Series.

Star Trek - Illuminations Feature

From Friday 2nd September, Blackpool’s famed Illuminations will showcase a new light feature on the Golden Mile celebrating Star Trek, which will be seen from many miles into space.

The images shown are actual images of the STAR TREK: THE EXHIBITION attraction.

Star Trek - Original Klingon Warrior Costume
Original Klingon Warrior Costume
Original Jean-Luc Picard First Contact Costume
Original Jean-Luc Picard
First Contact Costume

Star Trek Enterprise outline
The Enterprise Outline
Star Trek The Exhibition The Costume Corridor
The Costume Corridor