Showzam - a festival of Circus, Magic and Variety


Showzam is a festival of circus, magic and new variety is a new event for Blackpool targeting the February half-term holidays. The festival first took place in 2008 and was a hailed as a great success by all who watched the entertainment. Eac year the festival gets bigger and better. To put it simply Showzam is a captivating festival with something for everyone. It is a unique festival to Blackpool bringing together talent, skills, and the magic of the theatre. It features world famous performers from the entertainment industry, including circus, magic and variety shows. It is 10 days of excitement with fire, steam, light, wizards, workshops, and much much more.

Below are exapmles from previous years

Showzam runs for 10 days during February. Some of the highlights are Variety Nighty, Carnival Ball, Variety Live and the Great Omi.

Variety Nighty

Variety Nighty

Having toured the globe as host of the world smash hit La Clique, and direct from a sell out season in London's Roundhouse, the infamous Miss Behave, one of the last surviving female sword swallowers in the world (as seen on The Tonight Show, Graham Norton, Guinness World Records) and ultimate Mistress of Ceremonies has brought a bunch of her extraordinary friends to wow you with act after act of skills and comedy. These include the hilarious character comedy of Chris Green, the amazing painting and comedy of Jon Hicks, the singing and ukulele talent Lady Carol, the musical genius and sex god Earl Okin, the beautiful high skills of Bret Pfister, the brilliant comedy juggling of Alex Bainbridge, the character comedy and dance of Stickleback Plasticus, the great hula hoop skills of Marawa, the incredible Dancing girls and of course, the outrageously talented and sexy Ursula Martinez with her specialty magic and striptease act.

Carnival Ball

Carnival Ball

Prepare for an evening of style and romance as former beauty queen Tina C invites you to join her in the opulent Tower Ballroom for an evening of dancing, cabaret and vintage glamour. Burlesque beauties, elegant dancers, and other stars of neo variety once again visit Blackpool in a one night only, specially commissioned show! Click Here to book.

The Great Omi

Great Omi

The Great Omi has performed in Blackpool a number of times during his career and now everyone has the opportunity to view his biography and a life sized statue of the great man. It is a story of the journey of Horace Rider through his life as a professional freak and sideshow performer.... At some point between 1927 and 1934, while living in Mitcham, a few miles south of London, Horace Ridler took drastic steps to improve his career as a sideshow act. He contacted tattooist George Burchett and inquired about having himself tattooed all over. Burchett performed more than 150 hours of tattooing with a pattern of curved black stripes, often described as zebra-like.

Variety Live

Variety Live - Charlie Frye

Variety Live at the Grand boasts a truly International line-up of talent. The show is produced by Paul Stone who has a track record of staging high class Variety Shows at top venues around the world. Variety Live at the Grand is being premiered in Blackpool with future plans to take it to a major hotel & casino venue in Las Vegas.