Blackpool Model Village

Model Church - Blackpool

Blackpool's Model Village is set in 2 ½  acres of wonderful gardens. The Blackpool Model Village was originally designed and built in the 60's to provide a beautiful tranquil attraction to give people a break from the busy noisier attractions Blackpool has to offer.

The models are all hand crafted and depict buildings and scenes of Britain's past. From the grand church, the harbor, the cricket match, the windmill to the historic caravan park. Each model is set in its own distinctive area of landscaped gardens.

Model Caravan Park in Blackpool Model Village

You can collect a quiz book from the visitor centre, this asks questions to stimulate and challenge children to keep them occupied during your visit.

You will have to look very carefully to spot all the hidden details that have been created, there is even a prisoner absailing a wall in an attempt to escape the prison!

Model Village Shops

When you arrive at the visitors centre you can then take a leisurely stroll through the Model Village in Blackpool, every corner you turn there is a different attraction to view. Some of the models depict historic buildings such as the tudor mansions. There is even a fort overlooking some of the waterways that flow around the villages. There is a lovely little harbor with a lighthouse and crane to unload the ships. You may also see a watermill, a suspension bridge, a wedding, a canoeist and many other interesting things.

Model Cricket Match on the Village Green