Madame Tussaud's Waxworks - Blackpool

Blackpool Wax Works - Bruce Forsythe

Madame Tussaud's Waxworks is located on the promenade just opposite Central Pier. They have hundreds of models in themed areas. There have 8 themed sections and lots more areas covering Coronation Street, Best of British, Family Favorites, Music Stars, Comedians, TV Stars, Sports Stars, Festival Fields. These themed rooms are set over 4 floors, you will be able to mix with the models and take your photos with the stars, remember to bring your phone.

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TV Stars

Your favorite TV show hosts from X Factor - Cheryl Fernandez Versini (or what ever she is calling herself now), Take Me Out - Paddy McGuiness, Keith Lemon and more.

Gok Wan at Madame Tussauds Blackpool waxworks

Coronation Street

Call in to the Rovers and see some of the historical figures that have graced the cobbles including Ken and Deirdre Barlow, Jack and Vera, Hilda and more.

Best Of British

The Queen, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Dame Helen Mirren and more.


Family Favorites

Mingle with some great characters like Bob the Builder, Spider Man, Shrek and more.

Music Stars

Waxworks Blackpool - Susan Boyle

Tom Jones, Jonny Rottten, Olly Murs, Peter Andre, and more.


Meet your favourite comedians - John Bishop, Ken Dodd, Alan Carr and more.

Sports Stars

Wayne Rooney, Mo Farah, Steven Gerrard, Lewis Hamilton and more

Festival Fields

See the VW camper and Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran and more

How is a Waxwork made?

To create as life like as possible a waxwork photographs and information of the subject must be compiled and carefully studied. If possible a subject visits the waxworks in Blackpool. During this visit photos and measurements are taken to ensure accuracy.

A sculptor then starts modeling the head in clay. This clay model may take 3 to 4 weeks of work to ensure a true image of the subject. When the clay model is complete a mold of plaster is made. Once this plaster mold is dry it is carefully cut into sections just like a three dimensional jigsaw. This forms a hollow plaster shell, now the molten wax is poured into the plaster mold. When the wax has cooled the plaster mold is removed to reveal the hollow wax head.

Now the process of turning a wax head into a lifelike head of the subject begins. First glass eyes and acrylic teeth are matched to the subject and added to the wax head.

Using a combination of oil paint and cosmetics the make up artist colours the head to match the photographs

While the make up artist colours the head the hairdresser creates the hair. The hair may contain synthetic hair or even, in the case of King Kong real animal hair.

The wax head is now ready for fitting to a fibre glass body and a specially designed costume created to complement the subject and its intended location in the wax works.

The average time taken for the whole process is approximately 2 months.


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