Blackpool Tower Dungeon - Pendle Witches

Blackpool Tower Dungeons

Blackpool Tower Dungeons opened on 26th August 2011. It is built in what was the aquarium, the tower is directly above the dungeons, but what lies below? Do you dare find out?

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon showcases Blackpool´s most horrible history, brought to life with 10 shows, live actors, exciting special effects and a scary ride!

The Blackpool Tower attraction contains five seperate attractions within the Tower building. The attractions are The Tower Top, The Tower Ballroom, The Tower Circus, Jungle Jims, The Blackpool Dungeon.

The dungeon consists of 10 areas with different themes.

  • Decent
  • The Dark Chapel
  • The Great Plague
  • The Torture Chamber
  • Judgement of Sinners
  • Labyrinth of the Lost
  • War of the Roses
  • Skippool Smugglers
  • Pendle Witches
  • Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom
  • The Hangmans Tavern

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon is an amazing attraction. It is designed for people over 8 years old. The attraction features actors playing rolls that combine comedy with the ability to scare you. Upon entering each area you will be guided through the history and be told of the events that happened. There is audience participation which is great fun to watch. The whole experience takes about an hour and ends in the Hangmans Tavern where you can get a drink to settle your nerves should you need to. While in the tavern you might, if you are lucky, meet and chat with some of the cast! It really is an amazing experience that will give you some great memories to share.

You can buy combined discounted attraction tickets covering up to 7 of Blackpool´s attractions. These include The Blackpool Tower Eye, Blackpool Tower Circus, Blackpool Tower Dungeon, Blackpool Tower Ballroom, Jungle Jim´s Indoor Playground in Blackpool Tower, Madame Tussauds Blackpool, and the Blackpool Sea Life Centre tickets are valid for 3 months.


Blackpool Dungeon - Ride to Doom

Begin your descent into The Blackpool Tower Dungeon in the Lift Lobby, where youll be greeted by the incredibly handsome and hilariously funny Jester (he told us to write that and we were scared not too!).

The Dark Chapel

Enter the Dark Chapel of Lytham Priory and discover the darkest history of the ´Pool that is Black´

The Great Plague

Will you escape the vile embrace of the most pestilent pus ridden disease in history?

The Torture Chamber

Grit your teeth for grisly goings on in the torture chamber.

Judgement of Sinners

Prepare to be judged for your heinous crimes. From robbery to witchcraft, your wickedness shall be punished!

Labyrinth of the Lost

Get lost for good in the terrifying twisted tunnels in the haunted Labyrinth of murky mirrors.

War of the Roses

War of the Roses - Blackpool Tower Dungeon

Its time to choose your allegiance, as the hilariously horrifying Wars of the Roses comes to The Blackpool Tower Dungeon!

Skippool Smugglers

Welcome to the depths of the Skippool Creek caves, where in the gloom the smugglers work.

Dirty and dangerous, they are suspicious of strangers and want answers - who are you? What have you got? Are the Revenue following you?

Alone in the dark, the crew are coming to deal with you, and deep in the caves, nobody will hear your screams...

Pendle Witches

Enter the errie woods of Pendle, isolated communuties where reports of witchcraft are rife - anyone can be accused, even you...

Dodge the Witch Finder General as he relentlessly pursues potential witches and hear the story of Alice Nutter, one of Pendle's witches, hanged for her crimes.

With the mark of the devil upon you, will you escape the same fate?

Extremis: Drop Ride to Doom

Blackpool Dungeon - Smugglers

You have been judged and sentenced and now you must accept the consequences of your crimes. You are guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to hang - with no right of appeal.

Embark upon your last journey at the mercy of the hooded hangman. You are at the very point of death and the end is drawing near…

Taste the fear, feel the adrenaline pump and your heart shoot into your throat as you drop, screaming into the darkness below!

Will you escape the vile embrace of the most pestilent pus ridden disease in history?

The Hangmans Tavern

The Blackpool Tower Dungeon invites you to hang out with the Dungeon characters and enjoy your favourite tipple in The Blackpool Tower Dungeons, Hangmans Tavern!