Blackpool Donkeys

Blackpool Donkeys

Donkey rides have been a seaside tradition since approximately 1890. It is believed that Margate was the first place to offer Donkey rides on the beach to tourists.


For the donkeys to be allowed to work on Blackpools beach they must first pass a vetenerians inspection, an annual health check. Then their owners have to present the donkeys, their health certificate and the insurance certificate to Blackpool councils officials. If all is well the donkeys are allowed to work.

The Blackpool Donkeys day starts off with their breakfast in their stables. They then have either a trip in a horse box or a short walk to Blackpools beach. The donkeys are allowed to work a total of 48 hrs a week. But they are not permitted to work on Fridays. On Fridays the donkeys enjoy a well deserved rest day.

Donkeys on Blackpool Beach

In 2008 for the first time a weight restriction has been put on riders. This is 8 stone or 50kg any person wishing to ride the donkeys must be under this weight.

Katie on the Donkeys

The donkeys all have their own names and over the years these names have become some what of a tradition. Maybe the most famous of all the names is Daisy. Most of the Blackpool donkeys have their names on their nose bands.

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